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Re: [IP] Questions from a Newbie (and a slight vent)

> Does anyone *really* do all that?  Of five other people I've talked to,
> one person does some of it.  To be honest, I don't have that kind of time.
> If that's what its going to take to use an IP, I don't think I'll be using
> it very long.

I keep all my test records in my PalmPilot in a program called GlucoPilot. I also use DietLog in it. It has an editable food list and will record what you have eaten with the carb count.

I used to be compulsive about it, but I've eased up some.

I do test between 7 & 10 times a day, and am using the Ultra which is fast and compact. 

It does get easier.

Good luck,
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