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RE: [IP] any other "anal retentive" or control freak pumpers?

>  Is anyone else like this, or
>is it me?  Sometimes afterwards I think, well, maybe I was being extreme.
>I don't like it when we're going out to eat and he says "you'll see"  when
>ask where. One former boyfriend tried to plan a day of suprises for my
>birthday one year.  I wasn't happy at all.  Do I need to learn to loosen

Yes and No.  I had a boyfriend that surprised me with a weekend away.  He
wouldn't tell me where but understood that I needed to know we were going
away so I could pack all of my supplies.  Other times I had to understand
that since he wasn't a diabetic - the thought never occurred to him. It was
a tough balancing act for me.  My new boyfriend is taking the time to learn
a lot about the pump and DM.  (Not to say that your boyfriend hasn't - just
that for me this is very refreshing!)  I think it is all part of Diabetes.
Unfortunately, that's just the way it is.  Of course, YMMV!

Also, some people just don't like surprises.  (I have issues with that
myself.)  That's just the way some people are built.

Best of luck!!

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