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[IP] any other "anal retentive" or control freak pumpers?

I don't mean anal retentive in the technical sense, but that's the only term 
I can think of... like when you can't handle suprises, you have to be ready 
for everything.  Is anyone else like this?  For instance, my boyfriend and I 
went to a theme park about 3 hours drive from our house.  Without mentioning 
anything to me, when he picked up the tickets at his parents' house the 
night before, he also switched cars.  He drove theirs home and left mine 
there.  When I walked out the door the morning we were leaving, I didn't see 
my car, and had a fit because he never said anything.  I left my sunglasses, 
my camera, and all my traveling low bg treating stuff in my car.  Not to 
mention the map.  He couldn't understand what the big deal was.  One time 
when we went to the other coast, a 4 hour drive, we hadn't planned on 
staying the night, but he found out he had the next day off and started 
telling people we were going to stay.  I said no, and he couldn't understand 
why.  Well, I wasn't prepared, I said.  Still no comprehension.  What's to 
be prepared for, everyone else said.  For a normal person, nothing. I tend 
to have fits when I'm not prepared for something.  Everything has to be 
planned, and other people think I'm uptight.  Is anyone else like this, or 
is it me?  Sometimes afterwards I think, well, maybe I was being extreme.   
I don't like it when we're going out to eat and he says "you'll see"  when I 
ask where. One former boyfriend tried to plan a day of suprises for my 
birthday one year.  I wasn't happy at all.  Do I need to learn to loosen up?

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