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[IP] changing sites

> <<  Luckily the "old" site was still there and we used that one until
> we could wait for Emla cream to work and have a stress-free reinsertion.
>  >>
> LOL   But you have to be careful with that technique.  Last fall I changed
> sites in a hotel room before a flight and left the old one in.  Having raised
> my basal slightly in expectation of going high from sitting in the plane, I
> thought I had just overdone it when I had a hypo episode.  Didn't realize
> till that night that I had actually put the new tubing into the old site, and
> therefore had put into me the prime dose I had intended to fill the (already
> filled) cannula.
> Linda Z

If you use the Sof-set or any other infusion set with a "pigtail" you can tie a
loose knot in it as a reminder.  That has helped my terrible memory on more than
one occasion.  :-)

Connie & Dot
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