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Re: [IP] Questions from a Newbie (and a slight vent)

> First, if I want to wear a one-piece outfit (I have
> a favorite knit dress 
> that I wear a lot) how do I manage that?  Someone
> suggested a holder around 
> my leg, but doesn't that show?  Is it uncomfortable?
>  Will it slide and move 
> around?
I've found that the thigh holster (I got mine from
Minimed) works best under more form-fitting skirts. I
don't really wear loose skirts, and the holster really
does hide itself away. I tug on it occasionally and
have to re-velcro it once or twice a night. When it's
mealtime, I just scoot my chair under the table a
little more, hike up my skirt and bolus. When my
infusion set is in my thigh, I make sure to put the
holster on the other leg so it doesn't irritate the
site. So, I have yet to find an outfit that won't work
with the pump. 

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