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[IP] Re: sore site spot

This has happened to many people on this list. Did you forget to fill the cannula
(if you use a set that uses an introducer needle), by chance? If not, maybe just
filling the cannula with more insulin than the instructions suggest might help.
Also, some people say to leave the old site in for a few hours (we've never done
this and haven't had problems with highs after site changes.) Seems just as easy to
just use more insulin to fill the cannula. It's something to try, anyway, if all
else fails. Hope this helps!

Tina said:
Another question about site changes--I have noticed that after I change a
site, usually at breakfast time, I will have high glucose readings for several
hours--sometimes over 300.  But I give a correction bolus for it and it will
come down eventually.  Is this common?  What could be the cause?

Take care, Kerri
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