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Re: [IP] Questions from a Newbie (and a slight vent)

Greetings Jenn - welcome.  One piece dresses - I wear em - and I use a waist 
belt (i have a disetronic h-tron). There is an "athletic belt" that is a bit 
sturdier and the pump is in a neoprene case and horizontal - this is heavier 
and uses a plastic clip fastener. I also have a soft cotton belt that uses 
Velcro and the pump is vertical. depending upon the waistline is how I work 
it.  I also have one dress that has multiple buttons down the front - I 
brought the tubing through and hooked it to the tie in the back. Have also 
slipped it into my bra.

Since getting the pump a year ago - I no longer buy 1 pieces because I like 
to SEE my pump when I bolus - in noisy restaurants it is often hard to hear 
the confirming beeps. Also it never fails - if I am going to have an alarm go 
off - it happens when I have a one piece - so I have to excuse myself to go 
to the restroom and see whats up. (had a major problem Easter Sunday of all 
days when I still had 2 church services to go - grrrrr).

Anyway - it's possible - probably not an everyday thing you would want to do 
- but enjoy your dress - it's workable.  Linda & Dax
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