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Re: [IP] Questions from a Newbie (and a slight vent)

> Does anyone *really* do all that?  Of five other people I've talked to,
> one person does some of it.  To be honest, I don't have that kind of time.
> If that's what its going to take to use an IP, I don't think I'll be using
> it very long.

I toss my FastTake in my purse and test at least 8x a day. Carrying a large
purse helps ease the annoyance of hauling supplies and meter everywhere.

Eventually you get to test less, but in the beginning until it's all
adjusted and the basals are worked out just-so, frequent testing and food
logs are important until they get your carb/food ratio right. By only
drinking diet drinks or water, you can aviod the drink write-ups unless
there's another reason you need to list as liquids. I don't keep food
journals anymore, but instead mention "pizza hated my pump" if I have post
prandial highs and the like in my logbook (I made and use my computer for
it). It does improve (no 3am sugars!) but the first month or so is a pain is
the butt!

Yes, I do it all and lead a very unconventional lifestyle while doing it. 15
seconds isn't too much to spare from your day while you test, really. If it
is, I'd consider talking to my CDE or a diabetes counselor about making
plans to take careofthe bodies needs. I also have learned to test
wherever/whenever. At restuarants, at movies, ect. I've even done public
site changes in a coffeehouse(under the table of course!) Diabetes is best
lived with when unshamed of it:)

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Type Weird- MODY 17 years

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