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Re: [IP] COMMUNITY or WHAT?? (long)

One of our members wrote:
> I joined this list because I thought it was a "community" of people
> who were trying to help each other deal with a situation we all have
> in common, living as diabetics.  There is enough "fighting" that we
> have to do with the outside world; to get proper insurance coverage,
> to have doctors give correct care, to not have our disease
> misunderstood, to survive day to day. This is the LAST place such
> infighting should take place!

I would ask you all to please refrain from discussing moral and 
ethical issues on the list. These are hot buttons for many people and 
quickly lead to flames and hurt feelings. It is fine to express your 
interest or support or lack of it for a particular issue, but don't 
argue about it on the list. This does not help anyone, quite the 
contrary -- it hurts the majority of us trying to help and support 
one another.

If you wish to continue to discuss moral and ethical topics 
related to diabetes, please do so privately or on the Spirit list 
(email @ redacted)

as an example -- the discussion of stem cell research and its 
application or potential to cure diabetes is a scientific topic 
appropriate for discussion. Your personal likes, dislikes, moral 
feelings, approval or disapproval for religious or ethical reasons is 
NOT a topic for continued discussion on this list and belongs in 
another forum. Insulin Pumpers has provided a forum for discussing 
the moral, ethical and religious topics surrounding diabetes via the 
email @ redacted list. Please take your discussion there. 
Religion, Spirituality, and our personal moral and ethical beliefs 
have helped many of us through dark hours however, I say again, it is 
not an appropriate topic for discussion here. If you wish to 
participate in the Spirit list discussion, simply drop a note to 
HELP@insulin-pumpers.org and ask that the subscripton be added.

email @ redacted
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