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[IP] Questions from a Newbie (and a slight vent)

Hi All,

I've just been on this list a day and am amazed at the amount of information 
I've seen in that short time!!!  I have some questions that I hope some 
folks can help me with.

First, if I want to wear a one-piece outfit (I have a favorite knit dress 
that I wear a lot) how do I manage that?  Someone suggested a holder around 
my leg, but doesn't that show?  Is it uncomfortable?  Will it slide and move 

Second, the nurse educator told me that I now have to do between 10 to 12 
blood tests a day, and keep a detailed log of everything I eat and drink, 
how much of it, and everything I do.  Now, I have a very full schedule (I 
work three jobs at the moment) and my endo suggested I try a pump because of 
the unpredictable nature of my schedule (among other things).  He thought 
that it would give me more freedom and ability to do what I need to do for 
work.  From what I'm I'm hearing from the N.E., I have actually *less* 
freedom, since I'm going to be essentially living with a test kit and a 
notebook in my hand 24/7.

Does anyone *really* do all that?  Of five other people I've talked to, only 
one person does some of it.  To be honest, I don't have that kind of time.  
If that's what its going to take to use an IP, I don't think I'll be using 
it very long.

Sorry to vent like that.  I'm just very frustrated.

Jenn :)
email @ redacted
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