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Re:[IP] the sillouhette infusion set

 From: "Sharon Brousseau" <email @ redacted>
> It is about that time that I need to order more infusion sets. I have the
> soft-set ultimate QR. currently and was wondering how the sillouhette works.
> Do I need a new inserter? Does it take being a rocket scientist to figure it
> out? Any pain involved with insertion? Thanks in advance for your input.
> Sharon
  Of course this is a YMMV kind of thing, but I strongly prefer the
Sils.  I received a "variety pack" with my pump which contained both the
SS-QRs and Chronimed Comforts (Same thing as the Sils).  I love the
Comforts and have never had a problem with them.  I have used five of
the sofsets, three of which have come out after a few-to-several hours
of wear.  When this happens my bg's have gone into the 400's and I felt
like crap the rest of the day. (I know, I may need the longer cannula).
I thought the sofsets with inserter would be useful for those
hard-to-reach sites that are difficult to insert manually (upper
backside, arms) but the high likelyhood of the site coming out makes me
reluctant to use these sets.  The tape on the Comforts is much better
and less complicated than the three layers used with the softsets.  Lack
of an inserter with the comforts has been no big deal for me, though the
length of the needle is a little intimidating.  It goes in at an angle,
and not quite to the hub.  No pain involved, so far.  Give 'em a try. 
Good luck,
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