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[IP] your highs

Hi Carol,
I am not a medically trained person - use this
information accordingly.
I have similar problems to yours - and I have been
pumping for 6 years!  But my A1C was 6.6 last time,
and stays between that and 7.  I have a few important
Don't worry about after meal BGs for now.  As long as
your BG is back to normal before you eat again, you
will have an improved A1C.  When you get to that
point, then you can fine tune what's happening between
I found that I have to take a 1.0 bolus in the morning
to cover my coffee which I drink long before my
breakfast.  Without that bolus, my sugars rise before
I eat, and that's what part of what causes my mid
morning highs.
Although Humalog is supposed to wear off in 4 hours,
my morning bolus works very slowly, (therefore I go
high),  and then it kicks in, and I drop quickly (just
like you).  There doesn't seem to be much I can do
about it.  But I do take the bolus 45 minutes before I
eat, to give it a chance to get started.  Be careful
if you do that - make sure you don't go low.
I have to change my basal rates according to my
hormonal cycle.  The week before my period, my basals
all have to be adjusted +0.1 all day long.  This is
common (see the article on the insulin pumpers
website), but my Dr. didn't think of it, and we
couldn't figure out why the basals worked one week and
not the next.
I hope some of this works for you.  Don't give up - it
is a slow process to get everything worked out - and
sometimes perfection is just not possible!
pumping since 9/1995.

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