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Re: [IP] COMMUNITY or WHAT?? (long)

In a message dated 7/11/01 9:54:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> There is enough "fighting" that we have to do with the outside 
> world; to get proper insurance coverage, to have doctors give correct care, 
> to not have our disease misunderstood, to survive day to day. This is the 
> LAST place such infighting should take place!

    Well said......but that doesn't preclude "knee jerk reactions" to others' 
opinions from those who view life in lesser shades of "grey". I've been part 
of this community for close to 4 years now, & the advice, helpful hints, 
honest & open sharing about the difficulties of living with diabetes & all 
its attendant issues have been invaluable in helping my daughter live 
responsibly, proudly and maturely with her chronic condition. I have passed 
dozens of "hints" on to others who don't have the time to read all the IP 
posts, and there are many others who have requested that I post a question to 
the "IP gang", including my daughter, at times.
    So, as others have suggested, skip or delete posts that you find 
offensive, give credence to the unlikelihood of everyone being on the same 
"page" at the same time philosophically, accept that not everyone re-reads 
their posts or hits "send later"  before hitting "send now" ( always a good 
idea!)...and like most things in life, savor the GOOD that this group offers 
the vast majority of the time.....and "don't sweat the small stuff" that 
invariably will surface. 
Regards, Renee (melissa's pump mom/advocate.....)
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