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Re: [IP] Re: Handicap pass at Disneyland

I just went to a theme park yesterday- Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL.  
The lines were as long as 75 minutes, in the FL sun.  Let me tell you it was 
hot and nasty.  I didn't use a handicapped pass, and noticed a couple people 
in line in wheelchairs- I'm not sure if they don't give handicapped passes, 
or if these people chose not to get one.  I'd just like to add my two cents 
here and say that I have noticed, and not just yesterday, that when I'm in 
the sun for long periods of time my bg's tend to run higher, and also the 
inside of my pump tends to "sweat" a lot.  This happens at theme parks, 
while hiking or boating, or whatever.  It's just another "down side" to 
having dm I guess.  I'm not saying that I would or would not go for the 
pass, I don't know.  It depends on each situation.  I am saying that I think 
we have way to much to put up with in our lives that the extra hassle and 
possibly higher bg's from waiting in the sun for hours on end is not 
necessary.  We all deserve a break.  If some of us choose not to take it, 
great for them, but we shouldn't berate anyone for choosing to take an 
advantage for once.  I'm sure YMMV applies here, and for some people, 
waiting in line is no biggie, while for others it's one more stresser that 
they really can't put up with.  Even without the lines and hot sun, I 
personally think that going to theme parks for a day is very stressful.  
Figuring out how to keep the pump "waterproof", adjusting insulin doses for 
walking and unfamiliar food, trying to figure out where to stick those 
glucose tabs and granola bars without carrying a purse...We have so much to 
deal with, so much more than "normal" people, that I really don't think it 
can be considered "an excuse."  We do have a problem, and while it is 
treatable, the treatment of it is not easy.  Why not take every advantage 
that comes our way, since we get so few of them?

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