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>I forgot to mention that the new wallet for the pump isn't on their website
>yet.  I sent the company an email asking which wallet would be appropriate
>for the pump and received a reply right away.  They said to order the large
>wallet ($27.50) and write "FOR PUMP WALLET ONLY" in the  address for
>delivery box.  The wallet was designed for a group of diabetic mountain
>climbers, I believe, and it has a belt loop on back.

I ordered this and I like it, though I have not really had much need of it yet.

I did have a slight problem with it initially. When I received the wallet 
it weighted 11 g. I followed the instructions and soaked it for 15 minutes 
in cold water at which time it weighed 73 g and my MM 508 would no longer 
fit inside it. It took approximately 2 days for it to shrink down to 48 g 
at which point the MM 508 would now fit inside. When I contacted the 
company they said there was suppose to be an addendum card instructing to 
soak only 5-10 minutes. Be aware this is truly an important change in 
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