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[IP] COMMUNITY or WHAT?? (long)

At this point I am seriously wondering is there any sense of remaining on 
this list.  I have been diabetic for almost 6 years, and pumping for just a 
month. I joined this list the day after I started pumping.  Being military I 
have had to move from place to place most of the time I have been diabetic 
and on the bases there are "usually" no support groups for this disease.  So 
most of this time I have been alone to deal with the disease.  When I found 
out about this group I thought "great, here is the support and knowledge base 
that will help me in dealing and succeeding with living with diabetes and the 

I have dis-ease about what I have seen on this sight about a disease. We are 
each dealing with a disease that has no cure and takes both a mental and 
physical toll on us through having to deal with it on a day by day, month by 
month, and year by year basis. If I have experienced and learned nothing else 
in coming in contact with those dealing with chronic diseases, it is that 
each must use whatever coping mechanism is possible to survive and continue 
to manage and live -- however one must -- with the hand dealt to them. 

None of us knows everything about the individuals submitting postings, only 
what they allow us to know.  In each situation posted here there are probably 
details and bits of information left out for whatever reasons.  We cannot, 
therefore, afford to "jump" on someone, belittle someone, or insult someone 
without knowing every detail of the situation.

Just as everyone keeps telling me that diabetes is an "individual" disease, 
meaning that it usually does not affect any two people the same, the 
responses to having to deal with it, and its' side effects, will be 

I joined this list because I thought it was a "community" of people who were 
trying to help each other deal with a situation we all have in common, living 
as diabetics.  There is enough "fighting" that we have to do with the outside 
world; to get proper insurance coverage, to have doctors give correct care, 
to not have our disease misunderstood, to survive day to day. This is the 
LAST place such infighting should take place!

I have seen the phrase YMMV (your mileage may vary) used often on this list. 
If you truly believe that, then allow it to vary from person to person 
without criticizing, berating, and belittling how it varies.  We should be 
here to support each other, not see how quickly we can kill their spirit.

On the list (at least for now)  Whitney
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