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Re: [IP] worn out site selections


I overused my abdomen while injecting and had to use a different area of my
abdomen (higher up) because I had damaged the tissue and the insulin wasn't
as effective.  I changed my injection sites a year ago, started pumping in
February and now can use my lower abdomen area again.  I checked with my
endo and she thought it was fine.  I don't notice any problems with
absorption either.  I have had diabetes for 31 years and probably had used
my abdomen for injections for about 15 years.  Before going on my pump I was
taking 5 shots a day.  Check with your Doctor.  Hope this helps.


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Subject: [IP] worn out site selections

> I have a question for veteran shot-takers.  I took  insulin injections for
38 1/2
> of my 39 years as a diabetic, and I stupidly over-used my thighs.  I would
now like
> to employ some of that easy-to-reach territory as infusion sites, but they
> "worn out." ( I hit tender places, bg's are not good, etc. )
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