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[IP] changing sites

I just wanted to thank everyone on this mail list because once again it was
from advice learned from here that we breezed through what could have been a
very stressful time.

My son was in the middle of the State Baseball Championships and needed to do
a site change Sunday morning.  He uses MM sils with Emla cream first.  Changed
his site and left the old one in place, as has been suggested here.  He played
his first game, plugged back in for lunch, disconnected and played the second
game.  At the end of the game he went to plug in and his "new" site was gone.
No sign of it (it did show up in the washing machine after washing his
uniform!).  Luckily the "old" site was still there and we used that one until
we could wait for Emla cream to work and have a stress-free reinsertion.

Thanks again for all who suggested leaving in an old site for a while after
putting in the new one.  It may have been suggested to help with insulin
absorption, but here was another reason.

Jocelyn (Brian's mom)
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