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[IP] Re: Could we all just stop please?

>         I am about ready to drop this list... Stop "discussing" "Bickering" or
> whatever you want to call it about things that you all are so obviously
> NOT going to agree on.  Let's all just agree to disagree and get back to
> helping each other with our pump related issues.

Actually, I feel that this is an excellent place to
discuss this.  Many are wrestling with where their
support should be and have been helped by the
discussions here, even if they don't post.  Maybe
other affected support lists would be nearly as good
(MS, Alzheimer's, etc.) and they are probably having
the same threads there.  We are all involved in
this, one way or the other, and I feel that the more
information that we all get the better off we will
all be.  The flames and arguments on many, maybe
all, newsgroups are immensely more vociferous than
anything I've ever seen here.  I think that the
flames on pump wars on this list was a lot hotter
when I first joined (800 members then).  I don't
recall any name calling or true flaming in a long
time. Most, if not all respondents here are simply
trying to inform, or learn.  Believe it or not, the
negativity on a benign list like alt.quotations is
far more intense. Make a format error (type in
capitals, quote the entire text, quote none of the
original, bad subject, etc.), or comment without
knowing all of the faq's on many of the lists and
that person would get crushed with attacks and
flames.  Although there has been a few trolls here
(people trying to start flame wars by asking a
provocative question), there was no, or very little
response.  This is a very mellow list, especially
considering the massive number of members we now
have.  I have seen nothing in the stem cell research
that I would call flames, or even all that negative.

>         I respect all of your opinions, but enough is enough... I don't want to
> see this list torn apart, or have people like me feel they have to leave
> because you can't agree to disagree and move on.. I am sorry I started
> all of this.  It has become quite apparent to me that NONE of us,
> including myself, know EVERY single fact involved, nor are we likely to
> change our point of view.

Actually, these threads have started a number of
times (I first posted on this in October) and some
HAVE changed their point of view, when they learned
more (Strom Thurman and Orrin Hatch).  One problem
that we do have is that people do not look into the
archives to see what has already been posted and
make the same statements over and over again.

I have personally learned a lot, both on my side and
on the other.  Both sides now know where to send
support to the prez and many have.  I have seen the
sites on both sides and have learned why some feel
differently then I do.  I always want to learn. 
When I stop learning, I want them to seal the lid on
my coffin, as I am done.

>         I would like to stay on this list, as I get EXTREMELY valuable advice
> from you all for my daughter, but I can't take it anymore.  Don't make
> me and others continue to feel uncomfortable... we are supposed to be
> support for each other aren't we?  Please call a truce and agree to
> disagree...

> Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, wants to continue support but isn't sure she can

This is an easy one to fix.  Do not read the
subjects that offend you, or that you've closed
yourself off from. One advantage for newsgroups
(that I haven't been on for awhile) is that you can
have your newsreader skip posts from submittors or
with certain words in the subject that you don't
even want to see.  On email lists you just need to
only read the posts that you want to read.  There is
no rule that you must read every post that you
receive.  Nearly all on this subject, except this
one, have something of the subject in the subject
line.  Don't read those posts on the subjects you
are not open to. Just read the ones that concern
you.  I don't read the ones that I'm not interested
in (kids or women on the pump, MM, etc.).  There are
just too many threads to follow. 
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