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[IP] OUR RIGHT TO POST OPINIONS (was DisneyLand thread)

In a message dated 7/10/01 9:25:42 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Jeanne K. (new to pumping and the list, appreciative of the information and
> comments of most, albeit increasingly wary of the judgments and
> self-righteousness of others -- can we get back to talking about infusion
> sets and basal rates?)

First, let me say welcome to the list.... all aspects of it.  Unfortunately 
for some, there is MUCH controversy here, whereas for others it is not 
controversy but a learning experience.  Others just express their opinions as 
we all have a right to.
Secondly, I'm happy to say that not every single post is about infusion sets 
and basal rates but also about our opinions and experiences.  While some of 
'us' do not wish to post our personal experiences/complications, etc, there 
are others who do.... and there are some of us who really learn from these 
types of posts both on a spiritual and emotional level.
This list is for support and opinions but mostly for what we all have in 
common:  pumping or having a loved one who is pumping.  If it were straight 
facts posted on this list, it would be quite boring for *some* of us and I 
must say quite repetitive yet for others quite wonderful.  
There are issues that come up here that elicit strong, deep feelings from 
some members, and there are issues that come up that don't concern some of us.
While we all have a right to voice our opinions, I've learned mostly through 
this list that what you have to remember is that is what this list is for.  
There is no right or wrong way of thinking... if there were, we'd all be some 
boring people!
To blast Liz for her opinion about a special pass in my opinion was unfair, 
although in your opinion might have seemed appropriate.  You have your right 
to think what you want as you have your right to post your opinion just the 
What works for some and what some people NEED may not be what other people 
NEED or even find appropriate.  
I'm not just sitting here defending Elizabeth because she is a dear friend of 
mine but rather because, as you stated, you are a new member here and perhaps 
not aware of some of the controversy that arises from some posts.  Those are 
the posts we take with a grain of salt, delete and even perhaps respond to... 
but try not to flame or belittle each other over!  
I don't believe Elizabeth was trying to antagonize anyone but rather state 
her feelings and opinions just as you have, although she did not blast anyone 
in the process.  I guess what I'm basically saying is you are going to come 
across a whole lot of stuff here that you might not agree with and to hurt 
someone's feelings like you may have hurt hers is something we try to avoid 
I myself have used CAPS and I myself may not have the most proper language 
and sometimes would like to put more than some asterisks to stress my 
message... I have even irritated some people by using too many ........ and 
!!!!!!!!!!!!!   But I've learned and adapted because this is the most 
beneficial list with the most caring members you will find, and we all have 
something very, very similar in common -- Diabetes and Pumping... and of 
course an opinion!
I keep stressing 'an opinion' and 'a right' to post it, so no, I'm not 
"flaming" you for posting what you did.  I just think it was a bit harsh and 
belittling, especially the way your characterized her style of writing and 
took it upon yourself to interpret what you think she meant by it.  But then 
again, that's your right.  We just try to get along here as best we can and 
sometimes have to just take things with a grain of salt.
So with that, I'll also say that you can reply to me privately if you wish to 
just as Elizabeth asked... we do that so we don't "clog up" the list and 
server with these types of issues because, again, we all have a right to our 
personal opinions but have to realize that not everyone wants to read flames 
and arguments.  
Again, welcome..... I hope you enjoy your stay here :O)
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