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Re: [IP] MiniMed Loaner Pump-Yea Right!!

In a message dated 7/10/01 5:10:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> . Do people even get loaner pumps while they
> are waiting on theirs?!

I have to say YES!!! Disetronic had a problem with getting the Dtrons out.  
They didn't realize what a demand there would be for them and they hadn't 
made enough of them.   So, a woman from the company, not my area rep, called 
me and said that they were going to send me out an Htron to use for the 2 1/2 
months it would take to get me my Dtron.  They have been so great with me! 
I've had so many problems with my insurance company (Tricare) and sometimes 
they've even said I wasn't covered but Disetronic still sent me out my 
supplies and said not to worry about it, they'd catch up to me later about 
it! I was shocked but VERY grateful.
   My only advice to you other than switching to Disetronic, would be to call 
MM directly, tell them your situation and ask them if they can do anything?? 
I think that would be fair, especially since the rep said he'd have a loaner 
for you and you've started the regimen of just using Humalog.
   Good luck, keep us posted.
Elizabeth and 'Bruno' (Dis Dtron)
(started on Tinkerbell... Dis Htron)
Also using (nameless) Freestyle meter, works great!!!
Pumping since 4-21-01
Dx 10-01-81... Type 1  
Mom to Alexandra(10) who isn't diabetic, thank God.
Florida.... Where it's so DARN HOT!!!!!!
Remember.... 'Diabetics are naturally sweet!!!!'
And ... it's NOT the heat, it's the HUMIDITY!!! LMAO!!!
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