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Re: Subject: Re: [IP] Stem cells...shame really

In a message dated 7/10/01 11:45:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> it was 
> previously thought that you absolutely had to use the most "naive"  and 
> "early" stem cells - embryonic - to be able to direct them into various 
> functions.

Sharon, how do you 'direct' stem cells to go to a place you want them to? 
This whole thing is really interesting to me and I'd really like to learn 
more about it.  

I feel bad that there are some people who would pass up the opportunity to 
get a cure, if available, because they believe it's morally wrong.  Like so 
many people stated before, these embryos are not ever going to make it to 
become a baby and if we can 'use' them to help someone else live a life of 
better quality, I feel they should do it.  For so many years, all they do is 
just toss them out and now people have found a reason to keep them. I think 
using them for good medical reasons is better than throwing them out.  And 
when the time comes that they do use them to cure *my* diabetes, watch out... 
I'll be first in line!!!
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