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[IP] changing sites

From: email @ redacted

I've a 12 year old son on the pump since January.  We've been using the
silhouettes for MM.  We've tried the other kinds but because he is so thin
this is the only one that stays in.  Because the insertion is so hard for him
(He does use EMLA cream) we don't always have him take the set out after 3
days.  The site looks good and doesn't get infected.  Is there some reasons
for making sure it's changed every two days?
Thanks for any advice
_____________________________________________ Sites often go bad with only
increasing bgs as a sign. tunnelling also can occur where the insulin dissects
a path thru the tissues and is less effective. change sites frequently. as a
tip: the pain associated with insertion is all from the skin. push the
insertion needle against the skin then quickly insert it under the skin using
a short thrusting motion. once under the skin it no longer hurts. try it on
yourself. spot
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