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Re: [IP] Re: DKA Treatment

So, does DKA come on quickly in diabetics, or slowly?


>From: "J Hughey" <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
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Re: DKA Treatment >Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 16:32:38 -0500 > >I received
the following info on DKA and being able to walk around in that >state: >
>Many people do not know the distinction between ketosis and
ketoacidosis. You >CAN be in ketosis for 2 months, but not in
ketoacidosis. > > Ketosis means that your body is burning fat for energy
because it's not >getting enough glucose into the cells, whether from
lack of insulin or lack of >food. At that level, the blood chemistry is
still relatively normal and the >chief symptom is losing weight, with
excessive thirst and hunger. If it goes >on long enough, nausea becomes
more frequent than hunger. Nearly every Type 1 >(or their parents) can
remember those kinds of symptoms before diagnosis, and >sometimes they DO
last for weeks or months before going into crisis. You also >see ketosis
in starvation, >extremely low-carb weight-loss diets, and severe
alcoholism. > > Ketoacidosis, on the other hand, is when the process has
gone wild, and the >blood chemistry has become distinctly abnormal, with
a build-up of excess acid >products. Symptoms include nausea, heavy
breathing, dehydration, stupor, coma, >and finally, death. >
>Ketoacidosis is a life-or-death emergency. In a Type 1 diabetic, ketosis
is >also an emergency, primarily because it will turn into ketoacidosis,
>and is too dangerous to risk. In a non-diabetic, ketosis is not likely
to turn >into ketoacidosis because the insulin supply is there, and as
>soon as the person gets carbs, ketone production stops. > >Anyhow, if
you want to forward this to the list, feel free -- it's random >rambling!
> >I wrote: > > > > > I would suppose a person could not sit at a PC
keyboard and > > > > > report they are in DKA - not yet, anyway. > > > >
> > > I in my stupidity as a teen-ager was in DKA for quite a long time
(over 2 > > > months) but fought it and was pretty much
functional.....until I ended up >in > > > the hospital with no albumin
whatsoever in my body and in a coma for 2 1/2 > > > weeks! > > > Not a
good idea or smart plan........ > > > -
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