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[IP] Handicap pass at Disneyland

Dear Elizabeth,

I find it curious and somewhat telling that you feel at ease upbraiding me
(and others who feel the same way) publicly, yet you do not want me to
respond to the list, but in private.  To those of you who may be reading
this and find it petty, I apologize.  I promise, however, not to indulge in
the brand of histrionics and insult that others have so freely brought to
bear on me for expressing my opinion.  Unlike my detractors, I will not
imply profanity disguised by asterisks or shout with capital letters simply
because I disagree.

I should mention that I have been quite discreet in my postings; I have not
made mention of other possible medical conditions I may have as a result,
direct or indirect of my diabetes.  Suffice it to say that you are not the
only one who has experienced adversity as a result of a medical condition,
diabetes-related or not.  Please refrain from making the careless assumption
that, because I do not indulge in the victim mindset, I am without the ill
effects of diabetes, another illness or injury.  Some find a positive,
take-charge attitude threatening.

The message I had wanted most to communicate in my posting, albeit in
retrospect somewhat misguided in its wording, was that the "victim" mindset
is anathema to me.  You will find people who suffer from all kinds of
medical conditions who, depending on their attitude, will inevitably be
perceived by others as a woe-is-me victim or a rise-to-the-occasion winner
who does not let his or her medical condition thwart them in the
accomplishment of his or her goals.   This does not mean that he or she will
never request special accommodations when necessary.  While that is not my
style, I understand that some may truly require these accommodations.  Still
others will request them simply because they can, and they will do their
best to assert their defeatist attitude, thinly masking it as the inevitable
result of diabetes or whatever other condition.  What I wish to make quite
clear is that this proclamation of helplessness often causes the rest of the
world to confuse the drama of some with the actual reality of the rest, dare
I say, of "us" despite our wellness or lack thereof.  I am careful to use
the word "us," as I feel that "we" are in this together.  Clearly, your
discomfort with the use of these words and sarcastic repetition of them
underscores your desire to create antagonism.  I find this unfortunate.
Victimhood often allows us the feeling of being "special," if we cannot
obtain that feeling in any other way.  I am not passing judgment, but am
simply making an observation based on my experience which, whether it
pleases you or not, is just as valid as yours.

Jeanne K. (new to pumping and the list, appreciative of the information and
comments of most, albeit increasingly wary of the judgments and
self-righteousness of others -- can we get back to talking about infusion
sets and basal rates?)
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