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[IP] sore site spot

    I've been using the MM508 since 6-21 and have basically had no problems.
I changed my site this morning, I had it in my thigh.  I noticed that it is
now sore and a little 'knotted feelling' around the site and the 'hole' looks
bruised.  Did I do something wrong or is this normal?  I was able to keep it
there for 3 days, except for the first set I put in there that came off after
the first day in the shower.  I was hoping I could use the thighs once in a
while to give the stomach area a break.
    Another question about site changes--I have noticed that after I change a
site, usually at breakfast time, I will have high glucose readings for several
hours--sometimes over 300.  But I give a correction bolus for it and it will
come down eventually.  Is this common?  What could be the cause?  I have an
appointment with my endo on the 17th of this month and I am hoping we can get
some things ironed out.  I also want to order that book that everyone
recommends 'Pumping Insulin" soon.  I have been counting carbs and bolusing
1:15 like I was shown but it seems that 98% of the time my sugars go up after
I eat.  Mornings I can usually count on high sugars until lunch and a lot of
times I will have a low about 3:00 in the afternoon.  Kinda hard to figure out
things sometimes!
    Thanks, this group has been a helpful tool in this new experience.

DX'ed 1983, MM508 6-21-01  (no name yet)
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