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[IP] Disneyland and Handicap pass

OK this is the last I am going to say on this subject and then hopefully we 
can all move on.  First of all let me apologize to any and all whose feathers 
I have ruffled.  I understand that this is a YMMV situation and let;s just 
leave it at that.  This disease has given me many other complications that 
have limited my travel (kindey failure and now on hemodialysis) and that in 
itself limits me to where I am able to travel.  THe pump has given me greater 
control and has kept me out of the hospital and has kept my BG's under the 
greatest control I have ever had in the 16 years I have had diabetes.  

So let's just all be friends and once again I apologize to all those whose 
feathers I ruffled.

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