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[IP] diabetes and cholesterol

Hi, its funny you mentioned cholesterol, i was just going to do the same
thing. My ldl is 120, my endo wants me a 100 or lower by september, or i may
have to go on a pill. i don't want to either. but if i must for my health i
will. i am not overweight and in good shape and i am still kind of young as
well. my cde says lowfat diet and more exercise. i take vitamins and wonder
if there is a vitamin that would help. I am going to check the american heart
assoc. maybe they will have info. on what to eat and not eat and all that
good stuff. i would like to hear some feedback on this as well. so is anybody
out there taking pills for ldl, if so what are you taking and did anyone else
try a vitamin or herb? i too do not want to have to take another pill unless
its absolutly neccesary. take care Eileen. p.s. i already eat pretty healthy,
i heard that your body can naturally produce cholesterol?

Ann wrote:

The bottom line is that
medication is being suggested to lower my ldl and I was wondering if anyone
else has needed to go on meds to lower ldl.  I am young and of course would
like to take as little medication as possible but at the the same rate if
this will ensure a healthy heart in 30 years I am open to it. Any feedback
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