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Re: [IP] Re: (Disney and airports)basal rates written

To Mary and all of the others whom I've read on this list about their basal 
rates...As wonderful as this technology is and great the freedom that the 
pump brings there will ALWAYS be that one time when something happens and 
everything will go blank.  Hasn't happened with us yet but we are ALWAYS 
ready for it.  I have had Joshua's basal rates written on a large Post-It and 
placed on the inside of his log book since day one of pumping.  I could not 
imagine trying to remember all of that.  I also have his Carb/Insulin and 
BG/Insulin ratios all written down in there too.  This way Josh always knows 
what is going on, we ALWAYS have it handy for all MD visits and if something 
happened and I wasn't around everything would be there for someone else to 

  I personally could not imagine NOT having this pertinent information 
written down, espeically for a child, since their rates change so often from 
growth.  Computer gadgets are GREAT...but the good ole-fashion pencil and 
paper will never let you down!!!!

mom to Joshua
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