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Re: [IP] Handicap pass at Disneyland

Elizabeth and others,

Well said--  I have a four yo with DM and have been "doing" Six Flags for 
three years and this year have Sea Word passes.  YES I have seen BIG 
changes in our trips since Rachel was diagnosed.  I have asked for special 
things, but not everytime!  Diabetes IS a disabling disease, but it can be 
controlled.  So why criticize because someone felt like they needed some 
special treatment, don't we all at some time or another?  Tell me who 
wouldn't take "advantage" of a pass which kept you from standing in line 
for an hour for a 30 second ride?  Handicapped or not!!!  I see no reason 
to criticize ANYONE!  To each his own and YMMV.

Mom to Rachel and Blossom, 4, pumping 3+ months

Didn't respond privately as I wanted eveyone to read what I was saying.

>    Oh, I know I'm going to get posts sent back in response to what I've said
>... if you need to b**** me out ... send me a private email ... please.
>Elizabeth and 'Bruno' (Dis Dtron)
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