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Re: [IP] stem cell research??

One thing that those who are against this research need to realize is that if 
they are against this because they feel these are little babies and should 
not be used for research....there are millions of grown adults and children 
who are lending themselves to research and science EVERY day in this world in 
order to find a cure for some disease that they or a family member is 
afflicted with.  I had a very dear friend here who had already gone through a 
mastectomy, hysterectomy and then diagnosed with MS.  This was ALL before she 
reached the age of 35.  She managed to raise two beautiful daughters, and in 
the end donated herself to stem cell research for helping to find a cure for 
MS through this research.  The SC surgery actually ended up costing her her 
life a few weeks after her 50th BD.  SHE believed in it enough to give the 
ultimate sacrifice because she has children she was hoping to protect.

  Granted these eggs are not children, they are not WANTED by anyone either, 
if left to 'live' in a petri dish.  So why not let them atleast help someone 
else live a better life by being used for research.  They are not leaving 
behind a spouse, children, grandchildren or anyone/anything else.  NO ONE was 
FORCED to give up these eggs.  There was NO bodily harm done to ANYONE 
concerning these eggs.  And the whole idea behind embryonic stem cell 
research is that at this stage they can take a single cell and turn it into 
ANYTHING but this is NOT true for adult stem cells that already have the DNA 
telling it what it will become.

  People are giving of themselves everyday so this type of donating is NOT 
new, but it is doing the same thing....trying to SAVE LIVES!!!

mom to Joshua
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