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Re: [IP] Animas-Time to make a decision, Faith! <g!>

The Animas does not do dual waves, but it can do extended, so if you do your 
first bolus then do your extended, it should work the same.  I went with 
Animas because I seem to need that 0.05 u/hr ability- a lot of my rates 0.8 
is too high yet 0.7 is too low, and I was finding I was having to constantly 
switch between the two rates every day,  Also I like that the temp basal is 
set as a percent of your normal basal, so it will adjust as your basal rates 
change, as well as waterproof with nothing to be added or put the pump in the 
box.  I also like that it has 4 basal profiles, which is good for me since I 
work nights, and had to reprogram every weekend or if I had to change when I 
sleep.  It also will give a low insulin alarm, and like you saw on the 
website is very easy to understand the menu system.  I also liked that the 
clip swivels the whole way around, and you can go from horizontal to vertical 
at any time.  

In all the biggest reasons were the 0.05u ability, waterproofness, the temp 
basal, and the 4 profiles.

aka Mouse
still wearing One of Two!
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