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Re: [IP] Airport Security

Funny, I always try to not call attention to the pump and I have always been
stopped and questioned about it. I usually travel from Burbank to SFO and I
have always had trouble. The last time, that I spoke of in my recent e-mail,
the security guard thought that my pump was a possible explosive device and
that my glucose tablets were drugs. If I weren't in such a hurry I would
have thought it more comical.

I explained about the tubing being connected to me and one guard said, "So
you are wired to it?" I never really thought of it that way. If I had more
time I would have educated them a little more. I recently switched from a MM
507 to a D-Tron. My MM always tripped the metal detector in SFO and Burbank
because of the hinge, now that is a sensitive metal detector! The guard let
me know that as long as I say it is a medical device I should be fine.

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