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[IP] Re: Disney and airports


We just returned from Disney, where we had a blast with our two kids with 
D(one pumper, one on MDI). We did all the rides that the kids wanted to 
without a handicap pass. It wasn't that hard at all. We used the fast pass 
on the rides we just HAD TO DO!!, brought in a backpack with supplies and 
munched in the lines when we had to, and were able to keep good blood 
sugars. Curiously, neither of our children WANTED to use a pass. In my 11 yo 
son's words..."why do we need one?? we're not handicapped!"

As far as the airports, we did go through the metal detectors and the  
pump's batteries died and then his pump's computer memory wiped out. We 
called minimed and we had a pump delivered to the hotel the next morning. 
(BTW..ALWAYS take a written list of bolus rates on vacation with you, 
too..we didn't, so we had to kind of guess at what they were..we were pretty 
darn close, thank goodness)..Oh, and the SECOND pump did the same thing when 
we went home and had to pass through the metal detectors again. It never 
dawned on us to take the pump off and just pass it along and then reconnect 
on the other side...Oh well, live and learn:-)

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