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[IP] Re: Disney passes

>>>>There are many different types of disabilities, and Diabetes is recognized
as one. It does not prevent going on the rides, but in my case it causes my
bgs to go haywire after being in extreme heat. For me, this has always been
the case. YMMV >>>>

I think one thing we should not overlook here is we are ALL individuals and
the poster is right = YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). As we get new members and
the profiles read they have had DM XX years with no complications - we cannot
read that about all of us! Since the early '70s I have carried a child-size
umbrella with me for shade. It embarasses others, but I HAVE to have the
protection from the sun. A few years ago well over 100 people died in their
apartments in Chicago because they had no air conditioning. Not all tenents
died - but obviously many did. Some can tolerate the sun/heat better than
others. I don't think we can *judge* whom should or should not get privileges.
People continually say to me they wouldn't figure anything is wrong. I have
several complications not the least of which is 16% kidney function. For those
who need the privilege, it's available. For those who don't, don't abuse it.

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