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Re: [IP] Airport Security

On Tue, 10 Jul 2001 12:27:51 -0700 (PDT) catherine popper wrote:
>My MM rep suggested that I shouldn't call attention to
>the pump and security might not notice it. Does the
>pump set off the metal detector every time? I'm
>travelling next weekend, and I'm wondering if it's not
>just best to point it out to them, disconnect it and
>hand it to them. I've been reading the posts and
>getting more worried.

My experience with air travel since I started pumping in 1995 has been
only occasional, but I have never removed the pump, or been requested
to remove the pump by security. I have never handed the pump to them
either. If challenged I first explain that it is an insulin pump that
is connected to me by the tube, and that the pump supplies a
(digitally) continuous flow of insulin that sustains my life. I don't
think it is appropriate for security people to handle the pump.
There's no telling where their hands have been or when was the last
time they washed their hands. It's ok with me for them to ask me to
push a button on the pump. I think it's been the experience of most
pumpers that it is usually sufficient to tell them that the device
they are questioning is an insulin pump. If they seem ignorant, be
prepared to explain what the pump does, without showing resentment for
having been challenged.
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