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[IP] re: stem cell research

Subject: Re: [IP] Stem cells...shame really,

And everyone seems to forget that OUR BODIES also produce stem cells.  (It's
in our bone marrow...think about it...bone marrow transplant...stem cell
transplant...one in the same essentially.)  And the best results for curing
us Type I's is with our own stem cells, not someone elses.  Everyone should
get the facts before starting a Pro-Life or Pro-Choice debate on the list.

Roxanne Villanueva  RD, LD, CPT
You go girl... and you too Ginny...  ;)
I am with these ladies.... I have had diabetes for 29 years pumping for 2!!!
and love it...   I for one do not want a fetus killed to do research on  hey
use my bone marrow to get stem cells on...
God Bless
Lord, move us always to trust
each of your promises as sure
and certain, because you have
the almighty power to bring
them to pass.  Amen
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