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[IP] Could we all just stop please?

	I am about ready to drop this list... Stop "discussing" "Bickering" or
whatever you want to call it about things that you all are so obviously
NOT going to agree on.  Let's all just agree to disagree and get back to
helping each other with our pump related issues.
	I respect all of your opinions, but enough is enough... I don't want to
see this list torn apart, or have people like me feel they have to leave
because you can't agree to disagree and move on.. I am sorry I started
all of this.  It has become quite apparent to me that NONE of us,
including myself, know EVERY single fact involved, nor are we likely to
change our point of view.
	I would like to stay on this list, as I get EXTREMELY valuable advice
from you all for my daughter, but I can't take it anymore.  Don't make
me and others continue to feel uncomfortable... we are supposed to be
support for each other aren't we?  Please call a truce and agree to

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, wants to continue support but isn't sure she can
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