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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #275 (GLEN m.FOORE)

Does that mean that for every 15 carbs at your meal you bolus 2.2. So If you 
have 30 carbs you'll bolus 4.4?  I usually bolus by checking what my blood 
sugar level is before I eat and then follow my sliding scale.  If I 
anticipate lot of carbs. I bolus a little extra.  My endo said she's not that 
sure if she totally agrees with carb counting.  I'm curious how other people 
decide on their bolus.  Also, Glen, what is your basal rate.  Thanks for your 
Joanne Paull - 38 years diabetic, pumper for 3 years on Minin-Med 507C
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