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RE: [IP] Airport Security

I went to Costa Rica with my pump last year and have flown 2 times in the
past 6 months without a problem.  Internationally, I carried a letter from
my doctor explaining the need for needles and all of my other diabetic
supplies.  Domestically, I carry my pump alarm cards and my Medic Alert

The pump has not ever set off an alarm, and I have never been asked about

Again..  YMMV  :-)

Diagnosed  age 9
Pumping Since 3/01/00

>My MM rep suggested that I shouldn't call attention to
>the pump and security might not notice it. Does the
>pump set off the metal detector every time? I'm
>travelling next weekend, and I'm wondering if it's not
>just best to point it out to them, disconnect it and
>hand it to them. I've been reading the posts and
>getting more worried.
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