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[IP] Re: Stem Cell Research

My ratio is 1:10.  I have an apple in my lunch box, about 15 grams, I'd
say, so I'm planning 1.5u.  But wait: an apple is the apple tree's way of
reproducing, so am I waging 15 grams of immorality?  All my food comes from
things that were alive, and I really enjoy seeds (sunflower, sesame, etc.).
We make decisions about what sort of life shall continue all the time, 3-5
times a day, on average.  All of us have, in fact, made decisions that some
particular piece of life won't continue, but will instead serve so that
other pieces (us) will continue.  I think the debate centers around where
to draw the line, and I personally do not hold to the belief that we, or
any subset of us, is particularly special.  If I can sanction the
termination of life (in say, plants and animals, some of whom have names,
like "Bessy") so that others may continue or improve thiers, I see no real
problem in sanctioning the use of other living things so I, or others,
might have a cure.  Calling the oposition to the use of stem cells
"pro-life", though, in the context of all the death involved in raising a
human to the point where they can utter "pro-life", seems a bit, well,
rhetorical.  It seems to presuppose factors not in evidence (this life is
inherently more important), and to willfully ignore many others (I kill
things all the time) in order to maintain those same presuppositions.

I, though, am a rational humanist.  Your opinions may differ from mine, and
you have every right to them.  I think that we can all agree that you can
eat what you like, bolusing appropriately and choosing to end the lives
that provide that food (perhaps because we all agree that those lives don't

Respectfully, Ed
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