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[IP] Re: Stem cells...shame really,

> Everyone should
> get the facts before starting a Pro-Life or Pro-Choice debate on the list.

> Roxanne Villanueva  RD, LD, CPT

I agree.  It has been reported many times, that the
BEST source for research is the embryonic ones. 
These are the ones that can become anything.  Maybe
when the 'cure' is discovered that our own stem
cells can be used (which I doubt) for curing
ourselves.  I believe that no area of research can
be left out.  

I guess I am confused as to why there is no outcry
against the fertility clinics.  Shouldn't the
doctors, and their employees be prosecuted for
flushing these 'living' possibly sentient beings. 
Maybe these clinics should be shut down because they
do not bring to life every embryo that is produced
if life begins with this conception.
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