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Re: Subject: Re: [IP] Stem cells...shame really

I could be wrong, but I have learned alot as I work for a basic biomedical 
research lab that does stem cell reseach - but not embryonic stem cell 
reserch - and we therefor discuss the stem cell issues alot here....

1st - Someone's own stem cells may not be the best cure as genetic material 
that would exist in ones own stem cells may have been the reason for the 
disorder in the first place.  No one is certain yet, but it makes sense.  

2nd - The stem cells from bone marrow are different than those from embryos 
which are different from those found in umbilical cords etc...  it was 
previously thought that you absolutely had to use the most "naive"  and 
"early" stem cells - embryonic - to be able to direct them into various 
functions.  Researchers now disagree on whether you may be able to work with 
adult stem cells to generate liver tissue etc., but you cannot make a blanket 
statement that they can be used for the same research. 
Hope that clarifies a bit.  
Sharon and Tabitha
Pumping since 3/07/00
Type 1 since age 13 months, 7/06/76 (just celebrated 25 years!)

In a message dated 7/10/01 8:17:20 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< And everyone seems to forget that OUR BODIES also produce stem cells.  
in our bone marrow...think about it...bone marrow transplant...stem cell
transplant...one in the same essentially.)  And the best results for curing
us Type I's is with our own stem cells, not someone elses.  Everyone should
get the facts before starting a Pro-Life or Pro-Choice debate on the list.
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