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Re: [IP] diabetes and cholesterol

At 11:09 AM 7/10/01 -0400, you wrote:
>My cholesterol has always been elevated (over 200 not past 250) but I have
>always had high HDL (in the 80's).  In the past I was told my good to bad
>ratio was fine and my cholesterol was not a huge concern.   have moved and
>since have a new endo whose recommendations are different.  She feels that
>diabetics ldl should be below 100 regardless of your hdl level.  She also
>mentioned that diabetics often have good/high hdl levels but it does not
>have the same benefits  as a non-diabetic.  The bottom line is that
>medication is being suggested to lower my ldl and I was wondering if anyone
>else has needed to go on meds to lower ldl.  I am young and of course would
>like to take as little medication as possible but at the the same rate if
>this will ensure a healthy heart in 30 years I am open to it. Any feedback?

Most cardiologists would also recommend that your ldl be under 100 
also.   It helps put off the possibility of heart attack and stroke (that 
may not be the right wording, but you get my drift).  with medications, my 
ldl is 85, and hdl is around 40.

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