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[IP] Respect

Ginny Said>>>>Why can't these embryos be
adopted by people and placed in utero to continue to grow and be 
born and enjoy life as it was meant to be.<<<<<

Because that they are in a laboratory petri dish, not a womb! 

And, because the past 30 years has proven that the anti-choice 
folks are NOT going to adopt those children in orphanages.  They 
are not going to educate children on avoiding pregnancy.  They just 
want to restrict my choices about my body.  If you don't want stem 
cell research to find a cure for your family, it is your choice not to 
have it.  It will remain an elective procedure for everyone.     
However, it is my choice to have it. My religious beliefs strongly 
support this research for a better quality of life.   I respect your 
beliefs.  I am sure you respect mine.     

My personal experience is that nothing I can say will change your 
mind, just as nothing you can say will change mine.  

Let's both enjoy life!   

Bonnie R.
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