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[IP] Re:Handicap pass at Disneyland

Jeanne K.  wrote...

I agree that asking for a doctor's note to avoid standing in line is rather
pathetic.  As a person with Type I diabetes, I have worked very, very hard
to avoid the stereotype that we are fragile individuals in need of this kind
of attention.  I have known people with diabetes who, because they become
hypoglycemic (ever hear of glucose tabs or a granola bar?) waiting at a
restaurant, have bullied the management staff to give them a table before
others who have been waiting.  Similarly, as a former public school teacher,
I observed many parents of children with diabetes.  Some chose to raise
victims, while others raised self reliant, confident, wonderful kids, in
spite of or perhaps because of their diabetes.  It is OUR responsibility to
see to it that WE take care of ourselves and not ask to be singled out for
special treatment.  All it does is do a disservice to those of us who wish
to show the world that we can compete on an even playing field and stand in
line like everyone else!

I agree whole-heartedly!  I was 14 when diagnosed, and still vividly recall
my dad telling me to NEVER use my diabetes as an excuse.  They taught me to
be self-sufficient and to understand that I wasn't really any different than
anyone else just because I "happened" to be diabetic.  I am so proud of my
parents for the way they raised me and the values they taught me!
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