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[IP] Re: How do you deal with airports?

I just thought I'd share my recent experiences at airports. When I was at
Logan airport in Boston, I just walked through the security and when the
alarm went off, I showed the guard my pump and he was like "Oh, I know what
that is!" and so they let me walk through around but the other guard said,
she should have said something first so I kept that in mind on my trip.  I
showed the guards at my connecting flight the pump and they were like, "Oh,
it's an insulin machine." I offered to take it off and they were like, "Oh,
no, you don't have to do that." They let me walk around the scanner as
well. Then on my way home, I was late so I just went through the scanner
and it didn't go off. The next day my batteries went dead without warning
but I don't know if this was related to going through the scanners or not.
In any case, it was affirming that the guards I dealt with knew something
about the pump. - Maura
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