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Re: [IP] News to me.

At 10:45 AM 7/9/01, you wrote:
>Since moving to Texas I have had to switch my supplier of my pump supplies
>to Medical Pumps and Supplies Inc. of Johnson City, Texas.  (Owned a
>operated by Gary and Cathy Gilstrap)

AH  I know Gary and Cathy ery well Gary put me on my first pump back in 94.

next time you see them tell them Hi from Brian Carter.

>Her reason was that Plastic contains a protein and the insulin binds to it 
>making it less effective.
>???????  Has anyone ever heard this before?

I am not sure if it is a protein or not but there are some concerns that 
long term storage of insulin in plastic containers may reduce the potency 
of the different types of insulins.  That is one reason that Insulins are 
always stored in Glass vials.  The same goes with several other medications.

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