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[IP] Stem cells...shame really,

Ginny wrote:
No Michael, I would not accept such a cure. I turned down such a "cure?"
for another one of the diseases I have. My father has Parkinson's an he
refused such treatment also from fetal cells.
But I would never use such a treatment for my iabetes,lupus,sjogren's, MS or
seizures. And I wouldn't for my children either-they are young adults and
are Pro-Life and they wouldn't accept such a treatment either nor would they
for their children.
What a shame really, *I* am led to believe that the embryos are to be
discarded anyway and weren't 'Viable' enough to develop into babies. These
were the outcomes of fertility clinics and so the embryos "Real" chance at
being "Alive" may have come from what their stem cells could teach us.

Seems better then to have them "die" in vain contributing nothing.....
Indeed a shame, and a waste.

Jenny Sutherland
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