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[IP] Re: New Pumper wonders where is the pump benefit ?

> I am a 52 year old diabetic diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 18. I
> have been on multiple injections until about two months ago when I
> started using the Minimed Model 508-insulin pump. Previously my control
> has been good with A1Cs typically below 7 and no changes in my diabetic
> retinopathy for several years.

I too am 52 and was dx'ed at age 19.  For me, the
cost benefit ratio is huge.  Because of my schedule
and life style a pump is a necessity.  The freedom
that it gives me from a set schedule is very
important to me as I can not be sure when I will do
anything and being able to skip meals, pig out or
change my exercise (with very little problems) is of
immense importance to me and is much easier with the
pump.  As you mentioned, the pump is a big help with
lows, and highs, and I can recover from the fewer
swings that I do get with less of a bounce and my
HbA1c lowered from the 9's to 5.9, which I think is

Your problems are not unusual and are some of the
things we all must go through.  There are a great
many dm'ers that should not be on a pump, either
because they do not want to do the work, or because
it will not help.  They usually don't get one in the
first place.  I cannot imagine being without my pump
now but can see where it would not help all as much
as mine helps me.
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